A  team of creatives dedicated to help build, support and cultivate Sikh Art and Culture.

Our fundamental philosophy for developing Art Sikh is to support, encourage and mentor up and coming artists from around the world who face barriers in forging a profile as an artist.

We aim to proactively engage with artists to aid, support and where required mentor them to develop a platform and to showcase their work and creative talent. We help coach visual artists to develop design briefs with one-to-one support in the creation process and realisation of their project.

We aim to:

  • Help develop a creative portfolio, professional development and business support.
  • We offer a personal profile for each artist and their work.
  • Present and promote new artists works.
  • Help develop an online presence and platform for artists to sell their works.
  • Work alongside other artists.
  • Offer advice, information and mentoring.
  • Provide development opportunities, exhibitions and sustained support.
  • Curate projects for and with local communities.
  • Feature in upcoming future exhibitions.
  • Extend networking and promotion for the artist and their works.
  • Art workshops educational packs for schools and colleges.
  • Looking to develop online resources, discussion groups, one-to-one coaching, online courses and webinars.

Please get in touch through our contact page