Faith in Action Multi Faith Showcase Event 18.04.2018

On the 18th April 2018 Art Sikh were appreciative to contribute to the Multi Faith Showcase, working alongside Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council with a pop-up exhibition featuring artworks of the various aspects of Sikhism that enrich our local communities. The artworks depicted aspects from the teachings of the Sikh Gurus to selfless service (langar/ free kitchen). We were also accompanied by students from a local School Academy, who gave a small talk to local primary school pupils on Sikhism and the free services provided by Sikhs to their local communities. Art Sikh also aided the primary school visitors with provding them an activity sheet to complete, encouraging young pupils to explore and ask questions about each faith group that reside in their local community. This was a great platform for the public to learn and understand each faith group within our communities and the amazing work they do providing services to all regardless of race, religion or status.

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