Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Art Exhibitions at various venues – Summer 2018

August 2018
Art Sikh in conjuction with Nihal Productions under the guidance of Mahapurkh from Sewewala Asthaan in Punjab curated a touring exhibition themed on the cinematic release in 2020 of ‘Motherhood’ a film based on Mata Sahib Kaur Ji (the spiritual mother of the Khalsa) and her life journey. Mata Sahib Kaur, is known as the “Mother of the Khalsa”. She earned the distinction by instilling the first Amrit with the sweetness that balances its fierceness. Mata Sahib Kaur, who was called ‘Sahib Devan’, was the Mother of the Khalsa. Mata Sahib Kaur Ji accompanied Guru Gobind Singh throughout his life. Guru Gobind Singh made her the “Mother of the Khalsa”. Up to this day in history, all Sikhs who take Amrit consider Mata Sahib Kaur as their (spiritual) Mother, and Guru Gobind Singh ji as their (spiritual) Father. The community exhibitions were a series of inspiring family events with the opportunity for the communities to view works by some very talented young students and artists from the UK & worldwide and to bring greater awareness of the life and teachings of this inspiring female figure in Sikh history. For further information please follow link

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