Art of Sarabjit Singh

Skills: Abstract, Acrylic Painting
Client: Sarabjit Singh

Sarabjit Singh is a visual award winning artist  living in California, San Francisco Bay Area for almost three decades. She has passionately pursued Art all her life, teaching in schools,and privately to kids and adults in past years. Her work is influenced by her Sikh roots. Creating art to heal and bring understanding in this chaotic world; one person at a time is the purpose of her art. Acrylics on canvas and paper are the medium of choice for the artist. Bright and bold colours depict the vivacious character of the people and events in her artwork. The Artist believes that colours have the power to heal. She calls her style realistic and semi realistic combined with impressionism. The passion and zeal of the artist has led her to evolve and explore various techniques,materials and styles and adopt some, like knife strokes and liquid paint pours. All of Singh’s series are accompanied by research about the subject matter. Music accompanies  the artist in her painting sessions. Some of her art is in private collections in various countries. Her inspiration comes from people, travels, events, past (history), present and personal life. A part of the sale of her Art goes to Charitable causes dear to the Artist and she contributes her art regularly for fundraisers like twitter’s and local community.
“Colours, like the notes of music, have always fascinated me. I try to search and research to bring the right colours to my work so they reflect the mood and portray the intended meaning. I want the colours of my artwork to enchant, heal and connect the viewer to the stories that each piece of work has to tell. I hope my art will be just a tool to help the viewers find a path in understanding the diverse humanity around us. Now and then I like to experiment with a new product or technique. The inspiration for my work comes from my local community, my life, historic events and nature.”