Skills: Oils, Painting

Where you live & work


The medium you work in

Acrylic and Oil paint- sometimes mixed media

Some information about the key themes/ concept of your practice. (What inspires your artwork?)

Personal experience has created heightened sensitivity to the misfits, the forgotten, and those who fall through the cracks. My art romanticises these characters, contextualised in historic and cultural dilemma. Inspiration comes from my past, and therefore a lot of it points towards being British Asian and the cultural clash which is so rich in it’s history. I tend to work backwards from how I want my audience to feel, then I visualise the piece, then I start creating! I have huge admiration for the work of Takeshi Murakami & Jean Michel Basquiat, which continues to inspire me.

Your exhibition history (if applicable)

Watford Palace Theatre and Crypt Gallery, Euston.

 Your arts related education and/ or work experience. (if applicable)

Graphic design degree from Leeds and Art Foundation in Ravensbourne, London.

Any other information relevant to your creative practice/ career as an artist. (i.e. collaborations or arts collectives, other areas or aspects inspire your creative 

Collaborations with Dishoom, Dinerama, The NAZ project and Watford Palace Theatre.

Done classes with up to 20 Adults, as well as private tuition in drawing and painting.

Appeared on BBC radio and artwork shown on BBC and ITV for “Sholay Love” campaign. Also nominated for a Noscar Award.

Donated and created work/ done fundraisers for the following charities: Sky Sharma Foundation, Shoeroes, The Asian Circle, Lion’s Club and One Kind Act.