Harminder Sculptor

Skills: Abstract, Contemporary, Metalwork, Sculpture
Client: Harminder Singh Boparai

Harminder Singh Boparai is a sculptor par excellence creating magic with his art by moulding clay, and sculptures in all mediums and breathing life into them to create masterpieces that have a distinct specialty is delightful to the senses indeed.His sculptures have a rare infusion and amalgamation of the traditional and the contemporary ideas. Each masterpiece is an inspiration and has a story hidden behind it. Harminder dreams beyond the stars and has the power of an indomitable spirit to achieve those dreams. The culmination of these lofty dreams create a true artist showered with divine love and blessings that art live beyond time. An inspiration to uplift the human spirit. He has a special task of reminding men of their humanity and the promise of their creativity. Harminder Singh Boparai has taught sculpting, anatomy, and other related subjects since 2007, as an Art teacher at Sat Paul Mittal School and INIFD, Ludhiana, Punjab and now resides in the USA.