Pankaj Bhambri Artworks

Skills: Digital, Drawing, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Painting

I am Pankaj Bhambri, an artist at heart designer by profession who is driven by passion, seized by obsession, delighted by creation, enthralled with expression and entranced by vision. I don’t have any particular medium I like to experiment with different mediums. I am currently exploring the vastness of the digital world. I always wanted to bring my culture and community to notice my art and designs since childhood.

I like to break the boredom and use a plethora of tints and hues in my artwork which are based on Sikhism Awareness with a love for creating portraits and illustrations. My artworks were displayed at Delhi, Bangalore several times under Postergully and Cupic dedicated exhibitions like See Saw, Ulta pulta etc. I have attained Bachelors in Communication Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune, which brought the designer instinct out in me, encouraging me to explore and learn more about creative design technologies. My journey so far has brought me to New Zealand where I completed a Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies at one of the most awarded schools for creative and technologies the ‘Media Design School’.
I love to collaborate with fellow creatives, I have made short films, Motion Comics, Animated Music Videos with Auckland based companies and I work in collaboration with SikhNet and Super Sikh Comics in US. I like to work out of my comfort zone at all times so that I can push my limits and can make new benchmarks for my self.