Pankaj Bhambri Artworks

Skills: Digital, Painting

I am Pankaj Bhambri, an artist at heart designer by profession who is driven by passion, seized by obsession, Delighted by Creation, enthralled with expression, entranced by vision. I don’t have any particular medium I like to experiment with different mediums.Currently exploring the vastness of the digital world. I always wanted to bring our culture and our community to notice with my art and designs since childhood.

I like to break the boredom and use a plethora of tints and hues in my artwork which are based on Sikhi Awareness and not to forget I love creating portraits and illustrations. My artworks were displayed at Delhi, Bangalore several times under Postergully and Cupic dedicated exhibitions like See Saw, Ulta pulta etc. I have attained Bachelors in Communication Designing from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune which brought the designer instinct out and then I wanted to explore and learn more into technology and design evolving with it.Which brought me to New Zealand where I did Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies at NZ’s Most awarded school for creative and technologies ‘Media Design School’.
I love to collaborate with fellow creatives, I have made short films, Motion Comics, Animated Music Videos with Auckland based companies and in collaboration with SikhNet and Super Sikh Comics in US. I like to work out of my comfort zone all the time so that I can see my limits and can make new benchmarks for my self.