Skills: Abstract, Painting
Client: Sat Shakti Art

Enter my world, feel through my imagination and see the reflections of the endless dimensions within. I would like to think everything I create is done with the love of my soul, leaving a piece of myself in everything I create. Life is all about love, self-belief and having blind faith. Taking chances this life fantastic throws at me, just learning to let go; taking off my mask and letting my soul shine bright with all the beautiful energy sparkling around me, within me, through me. My creativity comes from what I see inside deep within my depth; to a place where the angels reside, singing Satnam in the swirl of shimmering inner peace; the magic, the angels, the spiritual warriors, the guides and the universe itself all part and part of the One. SatShakti art-forms are created using a variety of materials like acrylic, charcoal, oil pastels and graphite; with inspiration taken from nature, the universe, Gurbani, Indian classical ragas, mantras, and spinning chakras.