Shaz Yasin

Skills: Chalk Pastels, Drawing, Graphite, Oil Painting, Pencil Crayons
Client: Shaz Yasin

Shaz Yasin is a Punjab based artist working mainly in the medium of oil painting and pastels.

“I was brought up in England and then moved to the Punjab. My great great great grandfather was Raja Ranjeet Singh. I strongly believe I was gifted this creative talent to become an artist. I have a passion for painting religious and spiritual creations, religious subjects have always been my inspiration. As I was growing up my aim was to create handmade paintings and I have mainly replicated existing artworks to the best of my ability. I wanted the viewer to feel that when they were looking at the paintings it evoked the power of belief, love and spiritually in them; deepening their connection and bond with Guru Nanak Dev Ji. I hope as the viewer of my art you will feel blessings showering on you, that all your prayers are being listened to and that you feel a spiritual connection the inner peace.”

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