Tanya Momi

Skills: Abstract, Acrylic Painting, Contemporary, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Painting
Client: Tanya Momi
Tanya Momi was born and raised in Chandigarh, India. After living in United States for 36 years, she calls Northern her home. She is a San Francisco base artist. She paints cubism realism abstract and social realism and Sikh art. Her medium of work is oil, acrylic and watercolour paints . She is always thinking ahead of her time and wants to touch, move and inspire the audience. She has shown her works in many countries from India, Canada and USA to Singapore and Sweden. A major focus of Tanya Momi’s work is the celebration of the sacred Sikh texts that give meaning and guidance to her life. As a devout Sikh, she practices the principles set forth by the Sikh Gurus in everyday life; from her interaction with people, to how she views the world. She has several paintings depicting Sikh prayers and sayings, which she pulls from deep within her soul. There is in Tanya a very powerful connection. In her life she has always found strength and peace from the teachings of the Gurus. She paints Sikh art with deep devotion to let the world see her bold brush strokes and feathered lines. Through her artwork, she releases traditional meanings into the contemporary world. Her message is directed to young people, in their language. Initially Tanya painted for herself to have the scriptures present in her daily life. Soon others began commissioning paintings and the demand grew. Today her work is enjoyed by people from many different backgrounds.
Tanya wants to empower women though her art creating new abstract art with a depth of vibrant colours.
“My purpose is to paint the abstract paintings for Sikhs and non Sikhs alike. We can all enjoy a piece of art with the true words of the Sikh Gurus. When you look at the art the colours pull you in. The power of the words ground you instantly. While I was painting these pieces I felt the connection of peace and spirituality and I hope you also can resonate with this.”