Walsall at War Exhibition : Remembering the Commonwealth Contributions 10.11.2018

On the 10th November 2018 Art Sikh were proud and honoured to be a part of Walsall at War event with a pop-up exhibition to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One and all those who gave their today so that we would have a tomorrow. The exhibition consisted of a variety of artworks created by professional artists.

Art Sikh were grateful to be a part of this event, in commemoration of contributions to the Great Wars from all Commonwealth Nations. The event explored the Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Afro-Caribbean contributions during times of conflict. With support from, Sikhs in WW1 Project, Jay Sohal, Sikh Memorial Project, Muslims in WW1, Father Patrick O’Driscoll (British Army), Naz Khideja, National Caribbean Monument Charity, Caribbean Veterans Association, Hindu Forum, Mayoress Andrea Longhi and many others. In addition to the Art Sikh exhibition the event included a photographic exhibition, speakers, artefacts, and more. This was an opportunity for Art Sikh to appreciate and share the history of Sikhs in the Great Wars but also for us to recognise and commemorate all the Commonwealth Nations working as one for the greater good of all humanity. Lest We Forget.

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