Art of Raman

Skills: Contemporary, Oil Painting
Client: Raman Van Rijn

My name is Raman Singh and I am an expressive oil painter based out of Washington, D.C but was born in Punjab, India. I was first inspired to make art by my favorite TV show, Dragon Ball Z. All the students in my 4th grade class would bring in their drawings to compete and by the end of the year, they all stopped drawing, I did not. I’ve been painting for 9 years now and have graduated from VCU’s art school as well as attended The Florence Academy of Art. In my current work, I strive to convey quiet, introspective moments in portraiture of people I know, am related to, or have met along my travels. My travels also play a role in my city scapes that revolve around India, Europe and The U.S.A. In all of my work, I aim to connect my viewers with the subject matter by portraying universally raw expressions of sadness, wonder, and joy. When you look at my portraits, you might feel that you are sharing a quiet moment with the individual in the painting and it can get you wondering what they are thinking about and how in some moment in time, you might have felt that same emotion. My portraits are handled with a brush patiently with layers, quite opposite of the palette knife that drives the city scapes. The city scapes allow you to have a sensory experience of a place you might have never been but the mood portrays something you have felt. For example, one of my most popular pieces are of a woman standing with an umbrella in a rainy street. You don’t get a sense of where the specific location is but the cool and warm colors, thick textures and atmospheric perspective all come together to remind you of a rainy moment you have experienced. I feel that if the viewer feels something from my work, I have succeeded.

Some of the other things I am passionate about are my painting business, music, boxing, video games, and teaching others. I’ve had many exhibits in Richmond, including one at “The National”. My first solo show was a few months ago in Washington, D.C at The Chocolate House.