Bhinder Chopra

Skills: Digital, Drawing, Graphite, Oil Painting, Painting
Client: Bhinder Chopra

Since I can remember my parents would take me and my brother to a wonderful religious place where Gurbani and religious Sikh songs would be sung and Gurbani would be spoken and read. I used to admire all the paintings of the Guru’s that covered the walls and I would always think to myself I would love to do paintings like that. I greatly began to admire the works of Sardar Sobha Singh, Sardar Kirpal Singh and Sardar G.S. Sohan Singh. My parents realised how much I loved drawing and they both encouraged me to continue.  After school I started work and when people and friends saw my drawings and paintings. Requests started to pop up now and again to do sketches. Although I never saw myself anywhere near as a good artist the support of my parents, brother, my wife Kamlesh, her parents and brothers, friends and family has always overwhelmed me. I am really thankful to Waheguru (God) for giving this talent (what little talent that I have) which makes so many people smile with joy.