RS Diverse Art

Skills: Airbrush/ Spray Paint, Drawing, Graphite, Mixed Media, Painting, Pen Work, Pencil Crayons
Client: Ranvir Singh Sandhar

‘God’s gift to you is more talent and ability than you could possibly use in your lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as you can in this lifetime’ – Steve Bow

My name is Ranvir and I am a self taught artist, specialising in (whilst not limited to) portrait art. My artistic journey goes back as far as I can remember. During my late teens, I put down my pencils for a long time due to study and work commitments. In 2016, I dusted my pencils and re-ignited my artistic flame and inner desire to ‘WOW’ anyone who comes across my creations. I love to often showcase my love for nature and outer space by producing creative backgrounds on my art pieces which reflect this. Whilst I am a Pencil Artist, I use a variety of other mediums in conjunction with the pencil work. Other mediums include airbrush, spray paints, colour pencils etc. I like to add a spin on some of my art pieces by making some elements glow in the dark or glow under a UV light. This is exclusive to the originals only. My art pieces are a portal into my mind. They capture a moment in my thinking that has been expressed on paper with many thanks to my natural creative ability.