Skills: Cubism Art, Digital, Etching, Mixed Media, Mural Art, Photography, Pointillism Art, Print Methods, Sculpture, Stencil, Surface Pattern
Client: Sumanjit Kaur Johal

I am a professional educator of art & design with over ten years of experience working in a range of educational institutes. I am also a social activist and frequently contribute articles for journals such as RE Today, while also practising as a freelance artist; running my own community creative arts company to inspire and elevate a higher appreciation and engagement of the creative arts within our diverse communities both as an artist and teacher. In my practice I work in a variety of mixed media from tradition methods such as painting, print making, fine art, ceramics and sculpture, to graphical and digital design/ photography. My approach to my own practice is very much of ‘play & explore’ through creativity and expressionism. In my art, I am eminently inspired and influenced by my own religious upbringing in Sikhism as well as other theology and belief practices, exploring creative narratives of existence and inspired by all of creation.